Sammy grew up on a farm in New South Wales along the Murray River and still dreams of the fresh air and freedom that farm life gives you. When she was just 21, a fire exploded on her leaving her with 3rd degree burns to 35% of her body. After spending a month in hospital and teaching herself to walk again Sammy moved to LA where she was introduced to Hip Hop Yoga. 

It was the freedom and joy of the practice that made Sammy fall in love with it. After her first class she signed up for a 3-month training with LA yoga guru Steve Ross and became a qualified Hip Hop yoga teacher! 

After studying with Steve, Sammy headed off to Bali to complete another intensive vinyasa training where she learnt the cold hard discipline of being a yogi. She likes to think that Steve made her fall in love with yoga, while the Bali training pumped her full of knowledge and self-discipline.

Sammy’s life experiences and her time spent learning from Steve has opened her mind to the realisation that life is all about having fun and being happy! Basing her Melbourne studio around LA’s Venice Beach and her ‘To be Happy’ easy going nature Sammy opened up Yoga 213 in March 2013, and runs yearly retreats and yoga teacher trainings. 

In Sammy’s Hip Hop classes, expect to have fun, let go and enjoy the pumping beats. It’s all about falling out and getting back up again, smiling and appreciating the music. In her Chill Yoga classes, Sammy becomes a teacher creating dynamic sequences with interesting variations and more relaxed tunes. Expect light-hearted, fun classes where literally anything goes