Tanya Lee has had over 16 years in Clinical Practice with Pilates, Personal Training, Naturopathy, Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology, pre and post Natal, health coaching and energy balancing.

Completing an Allied Health Practitioner Assistant to Physiotherapist qualification, Tanya is an exercise and health practitioner for professional athletes, corporate businesses as well as private clients and health clubs.

With personal experience, determination and passion, Tanya believes that to achieve your goals, one must address all sides of health; including and possibly most importantly our emotional and mental health. She has seen that with blocks in these areas it can cause hormonal, digestive, nervous system and mood alterations; physical misalignments and much more, leading to longer recovery or chronic issues.

Tanya in one of three founders of heal’r, a collective of qualified and experienced practitioners, passionate clients and personal case studies who wish to share their health success stories.

heal'r combine evidence-based information from academic study, clinical assessments, Eastern and Western philosophies and personal experience. Through their blogs, recipes, tips and and workshops, they hope you will come to understand your own health and recognise any imbalances.